Use Bottles as wine command

Bottles can also works as the default wine command in your system.
In some specific cases it may be useful to have Bottles as a system WINE command, for example when a program needs to access the command and we want it to use a specific bottle.

Custom wine command

Make sure you don't have wine installed on your system before proceeding.
Make a new file named wine in ~/.local/bin or any directory in your PATH with the following content:
flatpak run --command='bottles-cli' com.usebottles.bottles run -b MyBottle -e "$@"
or the following if you are not using the Flatpak:
bottles-cli run -b MyBottle -e "$@"
and change MyBottle to the name of your chosen bottle. Then make it executable:
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/wine


Now just run:
wine program_name.exe # or installer_name.msi
to launch it with Bottles. It will automatically use your chosen bottle.