xdg-open links

Using Bottles via xdg-open
Since the 2022.5.28 Release, Bottles support the launch programs using links with special Bottles’ protocol. Such links will be recognized by the xdg-open utility and redirected to Bottles to execute certain commands.

xdg-open syntax

xdg-open command opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application. General syntax:
xdg-open {file | URL}

Bottles URL syntax

The link to run the program in a bottle has the following syntax:
<bottle> is the name of the bottle (displayed in the interface, or the "Name" parameter in bottle.yml);
<program> is the name of the program for launch (displayed in the interface, or the "name" parameter of the corresponding program in bottle.yml).


For example, to run the program "Notepad" in the bottle "MyLittleBottle", the full xdg-open command will look like this:
xdg-open bottles:run/MyLittleBottle/Notepad
Or you can just use the bottles:run/MyLittleBottle/Notepad URL in your browser.