Using the AppImage

First you need to download the latest release from our website then, set executable permission to the .AppImage file:

chmod +x Bottles-*-x86_64.AppImage

Move the file to a safe path where there is no risk of deleting them and double click on it, or launch via the terminal by typing:




You can find bottles on the official Flathub page

Ensure the flathub repository is active:

You can install bottles with a simple command:

flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles

After this you can find the bottles icon in your menu or in your applications.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Then install Bottles with:

flatpak install com.usebottles.bottles

Or, if your package manager supports flathub links, click here.

Manual build flatpak

We need the following dependencies:

  • org.gnome.Sdk

  • org.gnome.Sdk.Compat.i386

  • org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.toolchain-i386

Download the latest bottles source from GitHub:

wgen -O
cd bottles-source

Build can be performed using flatpak-builder (installable using your distribution package manager like apt, dnf, ..):

flatpak-builder --repo=bottles --force-clean --user build-dir com.usebottles.bottles.yml
flatpak remote-add --user bottles bottles --no-gpg-verify
flatpak install --user bottles com.usebottles.bottles

Then run using flatpak command:

flatpak run com.usebottles.bottles


Manual build snap

Download the latest bottles source from GitHub:

wgen -O
cd bottles-source

Install snapcraft, e.g. on Ubuntu 20.04+:

apt install snapcraft

then build, install (using the --dangerous option to skip the checksum) and run:

snap install bottles*.snap --dangerous
snap run bottles

Unofficial packages

Our community provides non-official packages for installing Bottles on some distributions.

Arch Linux

There are two packages from AUR for Arch Linux:

  • bottles-git (which offers the latest version from our git repository)

  • bottles (which should be the latest stable version)

To install one of these packages use an AUR helper like yay or paru:

yay -S bottles-git

or manually using makepkg:

git clone
cd bottles-git
makepkg -si

Fedora & Open suse (Tumbleweed)

The latest rpm package ca be found in this repository and can be installed double clicking on it (in most distributions) or by terminal using the rpm command:

$ rpm -i package_name.rpm

Build from source

You can also build Bottles from source.


  • meson

  • ninja

  • python3

  • glib

    • glib2-devel on Fedora

    • libglib2.0-dev on Debian/Ubuntu

Clone Bottles from GitHub:

git clone
cd Bottles

and build using meson and install using ninja:

mkdir build
meson build && cd build
ninja -j$(nproc)
$ ninja install