Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Wine.

This magical component takes care of translating instructions from Direct3D 9/10/11 (from Windows) to Vulkan (to Linux) and is developed by doitsujin and many other contributors.

Mainly dxvk is a .dll override bundle which, integrated in a wine prefix, allows you to detect and translate calls from DirectX to Vulkan. This is done automatically, without any user intervention.

How to enable

Basic DXVK is installed and enabled by Bottles when creating a bottle in the following environments:

  • Gaming environment

  • Software environment

You can check its activation from the bottle preferences, checking the "DXVK for Direct3D" voice.

When this component is enabled, a backup of the old dlls is created in the wineprefix and automatically recovered when disabled.

To manually activate it in any bottle, simply enable the switcher from the bottle preferences.

DXVK updates

You can keep this component updated from main Bottles preferences ("DLL Components" tab).

To change the DXVK version used by a particular bottle, open the "Preferences" tab of your bottle and expand the "Components version" drop-down list in the "System" section.

Environment variables

DXVK came with a large number of environment variables to better configure it.

If you don't know what we're talking about, don't touch anything. Bottles preconfigure those that are essential for correct operation.

  • DXVK_STATE_CACHE_PATH is preconfigured and points to the root path of the bottle

  • DXVK is preconfigured to compiler otherwise is set to devinfo, memory, drawcalls, fps, version, api, compiler if enabled from the settings for Developers and Debug in the bottle

Other variables can be found from the official repository and can be set using the "Environment variables" settings in the bottle Preferences ("System" section), like this:

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