App preferences
Bottles allows you to change some settings to suit your needs.
To access Bottles preferences, just press the menu button and select Preferences.
Preferences shows four sections:
  • General
  • Runners
  • Experiments
In the General section you can configure the Bottles appearance and general settings.
Appearance settings:
  • Toggle dark mode (turn off the lights)
  • Show update date (this will toggle the last edit date in the bottles list)
General settings:
  • Notifications (choose if Bottles should display notifications in your desktop)
  • Temp files (toggle to prune the temp directory on Bottles start, this will reduce the disk used by Bottles but also forcing re-download dependencies when installing in new bottles)
  • Close Bottles after starting a program (this works only when Bottles was started from the file manager or using the CLI)
In the Runners section you can list, browse and install new runners which can be used to create new bottles. Read more.
From the DXVK/VKD3D section you can list, browse and install new versions of DXVK and VKD3D. Read more.
The Experiments sections show all the work in progress (unstable) features that will be integrated in Bottles in the future. Versioning and Installers are the currently active experiments.
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