Bottle preferences
You can change your bottle preferences at any time to improve software compatibility.
This is one of the most important section, here you can configure and tweak your bottle.
Bottle preferences
This page is divided into four section:
  • Graphics
  • System
  • Audio
  • Developers & Debug
In the Graphics section you can set up some graphics related utilities, e.g. you can toggle DXVK, VKD3D, Gamemode, the ACO shader compiler or choose to use a virtual desktop with a custom resolution or make Bottles use your discrete GPU (for dual-gpu laptops, like optimus, this will improve performances at the cost of increased power usage).
From the System section you can change the runner, the dxvk and vkd3d version, the working directory (the path where the executable will be executed), register new DLL Overrides and choose the synchronization type (wine, esync, fsync).
In the Audio section you can toggle the "Reduce PulseAudio latency" feature which improve the audio quality for some games.
The Developer & Debug section offers some utilities for developers. Here you can set environment variables, show the wine fixme logs and enable the DXVK HUD to display the FPS counter, draw calls, dxvk versions and other information.
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